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Originally designed for exploring the great outdoors, backpacks for women offer the wearer comfort and convenience in equal measure. Carry your look in style with one of our leather backpacks, whether you're headed to work, shopping , or planning your next holiday. From satchel backpacks to work backpacks, these stylish designs will keep you comfortable and stylish on your next adventure! There is a ladies' leather backpack for every style, colour and size, which makes finding the perfect one simple. Our take on the classic leather backpack adds sophistication and our trademark dedication to craftsmanship.

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Women's Backpacks

Backpacks - a staple for the sports lover, the city commuter, the adventurer… or just those who know that a leather backpack can be just as stylish as any other bag! Will it be the elegant Portrait, the modern Messenger, the roomy Steamer or the cute Poppy backpack? Whichever you choose, we’ve got your back (pun intended). 

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