Last Month

The Sweetshop Collection: A Tantalising Trio

Our Sweet Shop Collection is here. Last month, you met beautiful Bonbon - now meet bold Fizzy Grape and bright Bubblegum. This trio of tantalising colours just sparks happiness!

Fizzy Grape

Purple people out there, you know who you are! There’s no sugarcoating it - this purple is just so mouth-wateringly inviting you could almost eat it! As deep and intense as its sweet and sour inspiration, this colour is certainly eye candy. 

Fizzy Grape is available in three of your favourite styles: The Poppy, The 15 Inch Batchel and The Traveller, and is paired with eye-catching gold hardware. Wear to turn heads!



Pop! The burst of a bubblegum bubble, the burst of rich reddish pink. This hue harks back to one of our very first colours - deeply saturated, it exudes joy and playfulness - wear it for an instant boost! 

Bubblegum is available in three wonderful styles: The 11 Inch Batchel, The Little One and the Push Lock, and is paired with silver hardware. This is the perfect party colour.



A gobstopping colour, a bright, vivid and saturated blue, Bonbon is the happiest of hues. 

Bonbon is available in four brilliant styles: The Bowls Bag, The Portrait Backpack, The Mini and The Emily. Wear this sophisticated blue all day, every day.

So, have you got a sweet tooth? Which colour will it be? Whether blues, pinks or purples are your thing, we want to see you wearing The Sweet Shop Collection. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram!