Last Month

The Luxe Collection

In November 2021, our brand new leopard print Sophie Luxe was a roaring success (pun very much intended). Sold out within a morning, it was only right that the star of the show should make a hoped-for return.

And so, in December 2021 we launched The Luxe Collection: The elegant Sophie, both in Leopard Print Haircalf & Midnight Black and Ocelot Print Haircalf & Havana, and our show-stopping Bowls Bag Luxe in Leopard Print Haircalf & Black Celtic Grain. A three-part collection which has already proven to be hugely popular. Luxe lovers, meet the bags…

The Sophie Luxe in Leopard Print Haircalf & Midnight Black

The original head-turner. A striking leopard print, a handle and strap as black as night and a hair on hide coverage. Paired with our premium Sophie bag, this is an exclusive fashion lover’s favourite.

The Sophie Luxe in Ocelot Print Haircalf & Havana

We just couldn’t get enough of wild cats. This beautiful caramel colour of the ocelot, spots and all, is paired with a luxurious shade we call 'Havana,' the colour of sweet Café Cubano. A delightfully luxurious blend of tones to match the glamour of the Sophie Luxe.

The Bowls Bag in Leopard Print Haircalf & Black Celtic Grain

And finally, it would just feel wrong not to pair our newest and most eccentric style, The Bowls Bag, with our striking leopard print. Combined with our wonderful celtic grain texture in black and a hair on hide coverage, this is certainly a showstopper.

So there you have it. If you want to make a statement, take your pick from the Luxe Collection, and bring some long lasting luxury into 2022 and beyond.

No big cats were harmed in the making of these bags.