Last Month

The Cambridge Satchel Co. x Comme des Garçons - CDG Black Market

We love our collaborations, both old and new. They are such an important part of The Cambridge Satchel Co., and it all started with Comme des Garçons, when the iconic Japanese brand first noticed us over ten years ago. And now, here we are again, collaborating exclusively for CDG’s BLACK MARKET Tokyo pop-up on Rei Kawakubo, founder of CDG’s, request.

This intriguing collection of mostly all-black items, which are available exclusively via BLACK MARKET, is yet another out-of-the-box approach to fashion that CDG are well known for. Asking past and present collaborators to work with them, CDG have curated a selection of special products to fit their BLACK MARKET vision.

Of course, as we have explored every colour of the rainbow, but also delved into the monochrome, we have created many different kinds of black Satchel before. But none of our satchels have been ENTIRELY black. Until now!

It took Kawakubo’s genius to help us develop the ALL BLACK 15 Inch Satchel, in black leather with black hardware. This is the very first time we have used black hardware, and what an impact! This mysterious look gives our classic Satchel that extra twist for those who dare to be different. It’s simple. Effective. Ageless and unisex.

Embossed with the CDG BLACK MARKET logo (in black, of course) and our own signature logo (in silver - a small exception!), the bag is a rare piece which has already sold out during its first launch, causing us to make even more.

From our golden CDG bags, to the CDG Girl Mini satchel, to the brilliant all black satchel. Comme des Garçons - it’s always a pleasure to collaborate with you, and we can’t wait to see what you do next!