Our Back To School Bags

August is already here, and while thoughts of going back to school*, university or work may seem very far in the distance, for some it’s just a month away! Buying a hardy, stylish and spacious bag is oh-so important but not always easy. Not to worry – we’ve got a bag for you that will last you for years to come.

The Satchel/Batchel

Available in many sizes, the Satchel or Batchel (A Satchel-Briefcase hybrid!) is our top choice for a school bag. After all, they’re based off THE original school bag. They’re simple, sturdy and practical. We recommend the 15 Inch and 16.5 Inch Satchels for older teens or university students who carry laptops and large files, and 13 or 14 Inch Satchels for preteens who have less to carry.

The Portrait Backpack

Available in two sizes, the Portrait Backpack is an ideal choice if crossbody bags aren’t your thing. The larger version can fit a 13” laptop while the Small Portrait Backpack is ideal for those who prefer to carry less. Based off the Satchel, these bags are a perfect blend of vintage style and ultimate comfort.

The Messenger

The Messenger Bag and The Messenger Backpack are beautiful, versatile alternatives to the Satchel styles. The signature double tab closure of The Messenger is made from hardy saddle leather, which slips neatly into brass hardware for a secure and sophisticated take on the document or laptop bag.

The Emily

For an elegant look without compromising on space and practicality. The Emily is the perfect shoulder bag for those who have lots to carry at school or university, but who prefer a feminine look. Its one large compartment allows you to store everything you need for the day.

The Steamer Backpack

The flexibility of the British cotton canvas in this backpack allows for more space and comfort, as well as water resistant properties - very important in countries such as the UK! A popular style for those who prefer a more rugged look.

* These recommendations are targeted at children over the age of 12, as our bags have not been tested for use by younger children. If you have a child in primary school and are willing to wait just a tiny bit longer, stay tuned for some extra special school bags for younger children launching later this month…