Our 2023 Style Recommendations

Trends come and go, but style remains. Here’s a guide to what we’re styling with our classic bags this spring and beyond!

The Mini Sophie in Burgundy Calf Grain with the Cranbrook Dress in Dusty Pink by RM Williams. 

Soft, flowing and lightly patterned, this dress is a perfect statement piece that will remain stylish for decades. Paired with our foolproof premium Mini Sophie, this outfit is perfect for summer garden parties to Christmas dos. 

The 15 Inch Batchel in Vintage with soft greys and brown leather loafers

The bag is the star of the show in this subtle look. Paired with delicate, elegant soft greys, the 15 Inch Batchel completes this smart casual outfit. The best part? Neutrals will never truly go out of style!

The Doctor’s Bag in Midnight Black Calf Grain with a black midi dress 

When it comes to timelessness, black is your best friend. All-black doesn’t have to be sombre, either. Pair an elegant midi dress with our Doctor’s Bag in Midnight Black Calf Grain, and voila - a flawless, flattering look. 

The Briefcase in Black Saffiano with a wine red half-zip and smart brown trousers

How to do business casual in the post-covid age? Keep the traditional briefcase as a statement piece but soften the rest of your look. This red half-zip elevates the outfit with a touch of wine red. 

The Mini Emily in Bay Celtic Grain with a flowing patterned cream dress

More suited to the spring and summer months, this outfit oozes a sense of the carefree. Pair a long, subtly patterned light-coloured dress with The Mini Emily in Bay Celtic Grain for a look that appears effortlessly beautiful.

The 15 Inch Batchel in Black with a full black suit and tricolour silk tie

For more formal occasions, you can’t go wrong with a suit. Pair with our most popular work bag, The 15 Inch Batchel, and lighten the look with a textured tie that brings out your personality. 

So there you have it: some of our suggestions for timeless styling. We always love to see how you wear your bags on Instagram and Tiktok, so do make sure to tag us! Thank you to @jl_freya for styling our women’s pieces for us so perfectly.