Last Month

Let’s Twist Again - The Twist Lock Tote

It’s back! Do you recognise it? If you’re a long term Cambridge Satchel Co. fan, you’ll already know about the Twist Lock Tote, this ‘twist’ on the satchel for those who favour simplicity and sophistication.

Last month, we brought back an old favourite in two of your favourite colours: Bay and Oxblood. This bag first appeared during our very beginnings and we love it just as much today. With an envelope flap closure and a satisfying twist lock, this shoulder bag favours simplicity without compromising on security. Slip it on your shoulder, snap it shut with its buckle-free closure and you’re good to go - whether you’re off to work or dancing the night away.

The twist lock is sure to keep your items safely in one of its two compartments (one larger, one smaller for those little essentials). Just like all of our bags, it is handcrafted by our makers in our workshop in the heart of England out of ethically sourced leather and proudly embossed with our logo on the reverse.

As the elegant Edna Woolman Chase once said, ‘Fashion can be bought. Style is something one must possess’. This is for the stylish among you – let’s twist again!

Find the Twist Lock Tote here.