This Month

Introducing The Sweet Shop Collection: Bonbon

Even the name makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? Introducing our brand new colour, part one of our three-part Sweet Shop Collection: Bonbon. A gobstopping colour, a bright, vivid and saturated blue, Bonbon is the happiest of hues. And where better to shoot such a joyful colour than in the happy seaside resort of Brighton?

It is only right to include the fantastic Bowls Bag in this collection. Playful and eccentric, this top-handle crossbody bag sits elegantly on four little feet and is sure to make an impact. Pair it with Bonbon - this is the blue to wear to cure the blues. What will you carry in it (apart from bonbons, of course!)?

Hands-free, stylish and spacious. If these three words resonate with you, check out the Portrait Backpack in Bonbon. This take on the Satchel brings practicality and fun to the everyday backpack. Pop it on your shoulders, hop on your bike and wear it around town with a flash of blue on your back!

The elegant Emily just got more sophisticated. This roomy shoulder bag in Bonbon will carry a day’s essentials and more. Paired with our beautiful Celtic Grain texture, this blue glides over the surface of the bag with a dappled effect, creating a unique leather patina.

Forever a favourite, the Mini is the little Batchel for the lighter days. In this happy blue, it will swing by your side and catch people’s eye – how couldn’t it? This will be your fun little companion for years to come.

So, what’s next, you ask? Well, what we can tell you is that, just like Bonbon, parts two and three of this collection hark back to The Cambridge Satchel Co.’s very first colours. Think lively, think bright, think of the way you feel when the evening sky starts to get lighter at the end of the winter. These colours are as sweet as they are joyful; take them into next season with a spring in your step.