This Month

Introducing The Shameless Collection

If you know us well, you’ll know that we’re unashamedly addicted to bold, saturated colours. The Shameless Collection is no exception. Featuring bright Brazen, smooth Sultry and enduring Enigma, as well as a brand new Lattice texture, this is the collection for those who dare to be different. 


This gorgeous fuchsia is unapologetically bright and optimistic as we go into an autumn otherwise filled with neutrals! We’re sure you can understand why we’re ever reluctant to let go of our saturated tones; they’re impactful, joyful and shamelessly bold - no matter the season. Make a statement with Brazen!


Introducing smooth and silky Sultry -  a deep and tranquil colour that radiates a strong elegance. Energetic but calm, this tone promises to impress. Fall into its blue hues as light dances on the leather!


For the minimalist who needs a bag to go with everything. Enter Enigma, a neutral that remains a strong statement. There is nothing ‘beige’ about this stony grey with a beautiful Celtic Grain finish, which can be paired with brights, neutrals, monochromes or patterns… therein lies the enigma!

Which colour will you choose? Will you opt for the bright and daring, or do you have a ‘neutrals never fail’ approach? Will you go for a smooth split leather, our own brand new unique lattice pattern? Make sure to tag us on Instagram to show off your purchase, and tag #WearItYourWayCSC to have a chance of winning a brand new bag.