Last Month

Introducing the Houndstooth Collection

In the run up to launching our Christmas collections, our crystal ball must have been working perfectly. We first had Harris Tweed® houndstooth on our mood boards, then in production… and then it was everywhere at London Fashion Week 2021.

That’s a sign that this timeless print isn’t going anywhere soon. It can be worn with muted tones or can be modernised by pairing it with brights, such as a show stopping red… so we did both! In October we released the first part of our Christmas Collection: our signature Oxblood and Red Celtic grain colours, combined with a classic houndstooth Harris Tweed® pattern.

It’s not the first time we’ve added a twist on a classic (and it won’t be the last!). Many of your Cambridge Satchel favourites have been refashioned in houndstooth: The Mini, the 15 Inch Batchel, the 11 Inch Satchel, the Small Portrait Backpack, and our newest addition, the Bowls Bag. Originally worn by Shepherds in the late 1800s, now a versatile winter staple, Houndstooth has joined our collection of eccentricities which are steeped in history but revived for the present.

And how fantastic it is to have a piece of the Outer Hebrides with you. Like all Harris Tweed® cloth, this beautiful houndstooth pattern is made from 100% pure wool from sheep raised outdoors on pasture in the UK. It is meticulously handwoven using treadle looms in each of their weavers’ homes, and dyed, blended, spun, warped and stamped with the distinctive Harris Tweed® orb logo in their Shawbost mill. The Houndstooth design is no exception. It’s all in the detail...

This collaboration could not be more perfect for us. Just as The Cambridge Satchel Co. is dedicated to British Manufacturing, Harris Tweed®’s production has always taken place and will always take place on the archipelago of the Outer Hebrides, thanks to its 1993 Act of Parliament which ensures that the cloth will always be tied to the land. Coupled with our leather bags, handcrafted by our skilled makers in the UK, the result is a wonderful partnership between craftsmen and women from Syston to Scotland, to create beautiful bags that will last a lifetime. We’re proud to allow you to carry a small piece of The Big Cloth (or in Gaelic, Clo Mor) with you in your hand this Christmas (and beyond!).