This Month

Coming soon in November 2021

That’s right - it’s November already. But with the dark nights and cool crisp mornings come bright lights and the murmur of future festivities. As we look forward to the holiday season, we’re giving you a sneak peek of our two Christmas product launches coming up this month, as well as two very exciting collaborations, and a look towards the significance of COP26.

8-10 Nov - For the planet

Why has our founder Julie been invited to COP26 this year? We’ll be giving you updates throughout her time at the conference.

12 Nov - For the animal print lovers

A glamorous limited edition Christmas launch, to treat yourself or someone else. Don’t miss it!

15-16 Nov - For the poets

Has anyone ever written a poem just for you? Well, it’s not too late to be serenaded. Our mid-November collaboration will bring out the poet in you!

19 Nov - For the bookworms

For the die-hard book lovers. For those who dabbled in lockdown. Even for those who are just too busy to read. This one is for all of you - see you on November 19th.