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Behind the scenes of LFW Men’s with Nick Byam

We asked our friend Nick Byam, Attitude Magazine’s Junior Fashion Editor, to take us behind the scenes at London Fashion Week: Men’s this week. Read on for all his best tips and his highlights from the season.

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What is your LFW survival kit?

I’m pretty lucky that at Attitude we have a car to drive us to all the shows, but I still always wear a good pair of trainers to keep me going all day (and most probably most of the night too…!). In my bag, I always carry aftershave, moisturiser, and mints.

Which bag have you chosen and why?

The Canvas Steamer Backpack in Black. I love backpacks and the soft canvas makes it easier for me to dress it up or down (depending on the day), and the black goes with everything.

What does a typical day at LFW look like for you?

It’s always back-to-back shows and presentations, meetings with designers, and a few pit stops at Pret along the way to keep me going.

Which shows are you most looking forward to this season?

I’m most looking forward to Astrid Anderson, which is always a favourite of mine. And Vivienne Westwood is showing a digital presentation which will be interesting to see.

Any standout Fashion Week memories from over the years?

Burberry is always a highlight and is probably still one of the most memorable shows ever; it’s always such a massive production with the most star-studded front row!

Where do you go to let your hair down afterwards?

The best place to unwind after LFW is always at whichever parties are happening that season. Fashion week is known for having the best parties in town, and they never disappoint! If there’s a break between shows or before the after-parties, me and the gang from Shortlist always head to one of the pubs in Covent Garden or to Five Guys for a carb-fest to sort us out for a night of dancing.