In The Spotlight

All About The Bowls Bag

Over a year after its launch, we still can’t stop talking about The Bowls Bag - unapologetically so!

We have already explained the interesting and complex history of the Bowls Bag in a previous article, but let us tell you why it has become such a favourite among people from all walks of life - our office team included!

Well, let’s start with the shape. Rounded bags are currently all the rage, but to think that this unique shape was around in the 1930’s is amazing. Originally designed to hold two wooden bowls, our version is now a perfect shape to fit in whatever bits and bobs you need for the day. Its rounded form allows for much more room than a squarer bag of the same size, and it will certainly get you a lot of compliments too.

Not to mention the hardware. Like all of our bags, our Bowls Bags are adorned with gorgeous branded hardware so that you have a little piece of Cambridge with you wherever you go. We have also replaced the traditional buckles with magnetic closures whilst maintaining the exact same look as the original. To prevent the bag rolling, we have added small feet and a detachable shoulder strap gives versatility and functionality. Perfect.

Our Bowls Bag has already appeared in multiple colours, leather textures and fabrics during its time. Now, we are pleased to have released it in Enigma Lattice, a brand new colour and texture that we’re sure you’ll agree is just so eye-catching. Just look at this!

We’re looking forward to developing The Bowls Bag with new patterns and colours, but we want to hear from you. Which colours do you want to see? Do you like the Lattice texture? Let us know, because we want to continue to give this excellent bag its time in the spotlight.