CSC brings the Doctors Bag to life with Augmented Reality

We are proud to be featured in the iconic September issue of VOGUE. This year The Forces of Change issue is guest edited by HRH The Duchess of Sussex, which features 15 incredible world-leading women who are reshaping public life for global good. This is the September issue that is not to be missed.

In this issue we are thrilled to present our brand new ultra glamourous metallic Doctors Bag and Sophie bag in Champagne and Pewter.

You can now visualise the Doctors Bag on the empty bus seat next to you, try it on with your new outfit in the clothes shop mirror, or check it out from your office desk while you are mobile shopping on your lunch break, with our new AR mobile app.

The Cambridge Satchel Company is excited to offer the AR shopping feature to our customers, and to have become an early adopter of AR for a luxury handbag brand. By having this feature, our customers are now able to view the bag in their own physical space, adding another dimension to mobile shopping that will enhance their CSC experience.

View the bag from a 360 angle to fully understand the size and scale of the product.

Initially available on the Doctors Bag and The Sophie to all iOS 12 devices, AR will be rolled out to Android devices later in the year and across the wider CSC product range.

How does it work?

Touch the icon on the top right corner of the product page.

Touch the AR button.

Point your phone to where you wish to see the bag and then move in left to right for the AR image to appear.

You can now walk around the bag, zoom in and out and take a picture by touching the circle icon.

Shop the Doctors Bag now