British Woodland - Red Berry Inspiration

Our new collection celebrates the British woodland and the early signs of spring.

Introducing the first limited-edition colour to be released - Red Berry.

While we may be in the throes of a cold January, British woodlands are coming to life with colour – spot the vivid red of the winter berries that stand out bold against the stark trees and hedgerows.

The new Red Berry colour takes inspiration from the brave winter berries that brace the often cold British winters and shine bright like a beacon amongst the brown bracken and bare trees.

While new blooms lay hidden, protected under the Woodland floorbed of browning leaves and shrubs the bright red winter berries adorn the Rowan and Birch branches, offering the hope and promise of spring to come.

Next time you are out walking, look up to the branches to spot the winter berries. They can usually be found from November through to February.

As the British woodlands continue to bloom check back soon for our next colour launch!