#CSCspotted: Jordan Bunker

#CSCspotted: Jordan Bunker

If you’re a style-conscious gent, then chances are you’ll be familiar with the always impeccably turned-out Jordan Bunker...
#CSCspotted: Jordan Bunker by Shopify API By Shopify API

If you’re a style-conscious gent, then chances are you’ll be familiar with the always impeccably turned-out Jordan Bunker.  He’s one of the most stylish guys we know, and a long-time friend of The Cambridge Satchel Company. So we recently challenged him to style one of our men’s styles for the new season, and show us around London for the day.

Here, we ask Jordan about his best style tips, how he’d spend a day off, and what he carries in his Folio backpack.  

Cambridge Sachel - #CSCspotted 

    What essentials do you always carry with you in your bag?

    I always make sure I have my camera with me, especially when I’m in London; I’d be so frustrated to miss a photo opportunity! Other than that, I always keep a notebook, hat, a small bottle of aftershave and then arguably the most important… a portable phone charger! 

    How do you adapt your style for the colder months?

    I’m one of those guys who enjoys all the things that come with the colder weather. Although it’s a treat to just leave the house in just a t-shirt, I feel much more comfortable and better-prepared when I’m able to layer my outfits, playing around with lengths and textures. One thing that doesn’t change though is my colour palette. It’s navy and grey for all seasons! 

    What are your best tips for stylish gents for Autumn/Winter?

    Any wardrobe hacks for looking pulled-together with minimal effort? I’ll often wear a mock neck long sleeve as the base to my outfit for a bit of extra warmth. I think it looks stylish, and it definitely keeps the cold out. 

    Cambridge Satchel - #CSCspotted

    Cambridge Satchel - #CSCspotted

    What are your favourite CSC styles for Autumn/Winter?

    Any tips for fellow guys to look for when choosing a new bag? Well, of course I love the Folio backpack that I’m wearing in my blog post. Along with this, I love the Portrait Backpack, and the laptop cases in saffiano leather are classic.

    If you are looking for a new bag right now, think about the style that’s going to best suit your lifestyle and everything you need to carry with you. You’ll get much more use out of your new purchase if you think about what you do day-to-day and let that dictate your style.

    What are your favourite ways to spend a weekend off-duty in London?

    Good question! I think this would involve a combination of trusted favourites and something new. I’d start my day with a trip to TAP coffee in Soho. Then I would try and meet up with friends that I don’t get to see much as I would like as I don’t live in London. To finish up, I’d head over to a new gallery or if it was a Sunday, make my first trip to Columbia Road flower market!  

    Cambridge Satchel - #CSCspotted

    Cambridge Satchel - #CSCspotted