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CSC Stories - My Favourite Satchel By Julie Deane

We’ve got a thing for great stories.

As part of our new #CSCstories project, we’re asking you, our fans, to share with us the story of your bag. From how you came to find each other to the adventures you’ve been on together, we want to know it all. Find out more about how you can get involved here.

We thought it would only be right to kick things off with our Founder & CEO Julie Deane and the bag that means the most to her.

“My favourite satchel? I am (of course) a fan, and every new bag we launch I love but there is one that will always stand out for me. It is now nine years old, it has been through thick and thin, overstuffed, but never underloved.

When I started the company I would always use any bag that I thought had imperfections – our QC and manufacturing has improved massively over the years but in the very early days we had a few that looked decidedly handmade. Yes, they are still made by hand but our craftsmanship is top notch now – we have been making the satchels for years and so have improved!!

Anyway, my then six year old son, Max said that he thought that I should have the very best satchel not the worst and so he did lots of helping and saved up, made a deal with my mum and bought me a 15” dark brown satchel. The savings stretched to one letter of embossing, a gold “J”. I still have that bag today and use it every week – it is not the newest bag but it is still the best.

I look forward to hearing the story of you and your bag!”

Julie Deane, Founder & CEO