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CSC Stories - Every Satchel Has A Story

CSC Stories - Every Satchel Has A Story

“There was somebody who took a photograph of somebody proposing to his girlfriend in Central Park in New York with a Cambridge Satchel on her lap. That’s a great story, isn’t it.”- Julie Deane

The inspiration

Our brand began with a great story – the reimagining of the classic satchel and a challenge to make enough money to pay school fees for our Founder Julie’s daughter.

Since then, there’s always been a story. There’s the story of how the designer Erdem called up to ask about collaborating with us and Julie’s Mum Freda asked what his surname was…”Erdem who?”!

There’s the story of the Google Chrome Advert, of how the fluoro satchel came around, of Prince William and the Great Wall of Satchels.

But what we’ve noticed most is that our customers very rarely buy a bag from us without there being a story to tell. It’s sometimes the story of how they got their bag: some tell us they received their first satchel to mark a special occasion – a birthday, a graduation, starting their own company; some tell us their satchel paved the way for a conversation with someone who’s now their friend or even their partner. Other times it’s about the adventures they’ve taken their bag on – from first days at school to travelling the world.

Cambridge Satchel - Every Satchel Has A Story

Cambridge Satchel - Every Satchel Has A Story

Cambridge Satchel - Every Satchel Has A Story

Cambridge Satchel - Every Satchel Has A Story

And the best thing about this is, you always write to us or tweet us or message us to tell us their stories. Some make us smile, some make us laugh and some we just had to share with you.

That sparked the idea for #CSCstories.Here’s how you can get involved.

Get involved


Send us a video, an email, a tweet, a message, tag us on Instagram (use #CSCstories) and tell us all about you and your bag. How you came to meet and the adventures you’ve been on together.



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